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What does the future look like for your business?

There has never been a better time to pause and review your business. With the hustle of day to day life and work it is tricky to fit in dedicated time to work on your business while you are constantly swept away working in it. Embrace the time you have now and review what you

It’s time to make digital more human

With the current lack of personal connections in our day to day lives, human contact in other forms is more appreciated than ever. Have a think about how you can integrate care, sentiment and humanity into your business. Little touches go a long way. An online chat app on your website, a video call instead

The importance of marketing during hardship

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” Henry Ford If your business has been poorly impacted by COVID-19 consider focusing on: Increase digital interaction Digital and social channels have more attention than ever before. Connect to your audience frequently to offer a level

Christmas Decoration Ideas 2019

Every year the search is on for unique and different decoration ideas. The Christmas lights seem to be the same on every home while inflatables last half the season and then tear or break. This year we have released a brand new range of Christmas garage door banners. Designed to excite and delight they not

How often should I redevelop my website?

There is no set “rule” on how often you should redevelop your website but there are some common sense points that suggest the more often you do it, the better it is for your business image. How often should you redevelop or overhaul your website? This often seems like a huge task – and it

Corporate Branding – Bespoke Entertainment

We are frequently involved in corporate branding projects and are lucky enough to experience a huge range of industries as a result. Our aim is always to create a style that is timeless and sophisticated. The brand reflects on everything – get it right and it leads to great success, get it wrong and it

Open Bar Guide – Wedding Design Piece

Sometimes we get a little break from the usual design requests and a fun little project will bounce across the desk. This is a table centre piece element helping to alert guests to an Open Bar at the wedding. Instead of the boring approach of “there is an Open Bar – go at it”, they

The importance of an SSL Certificate – does your website comply?

In 2018 Google introduced a new requirement for all website holders which was to include an active SSL (Security) Certificate. This helps them validate the authenticity of your website and boosts your ranking as a result. The good news is that Shell Graphix is able to offer SSL Certificates for all new website developments that

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