How often should I redevelop my website?

There is no set “rule” on how often you should redevelop your website but there are some common sense points that suggest the more often you do it, the better it is for your business image.

How often should you redevelop or overhaul your website?

This often seems like a huge task – and it is. But it is worth the effort. Often a company website is the first impression a new or prospective customer sees. Does it accurately reflect how modern, current and active you are?

A website that does not embrace the latest techniques and technology can be frustrating to use and worse still, can hinder your search engine ranking.

The online web environment is the most dynamic platform around. It changes a little bit daily and makes significant changes multiple times each year.

Since 2014 websites have gone from partially mobile compliant to a necessity – failure to update meant losing all ranking on search engines due to non-compliance.

2018 saw the introduction of SSL Security Certificates to help reduce spam websites – again, failure to comply hinders search engine ranking and gives your visitors security alerts upon entry.

2017/18 was a change from website viewing being “About the fold” pushing all vital content to the top of any screen to a scrolling, read more mentality instead. This was mostly due to social media habits rubbing off on how visitors wanted to see loads of information continually instead of in small snippets around many clicks.

Visually it is a good idea to refresh your marketing angle as well. It stops it getting stale and boring. A refreshed website is also an excellent reason to boost marketing and make a fuss to existing customers. They often discover new services you offer as well.

A major update of your website at least every 3 years is a good plan. More frequently is better still, but the platforms change too frequently to extend beyond the 3 year mark.

By breaking down the investment of a new website over 3 years it ends up being excellent value for money and one of your strongest marketing tools. Keeping fresh content flowing into your website on a monthly basis between major overhauls is important too.


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