It’s time to make digital more human

With the current lack of personal connections in our day to day lives, human contact in other forms is more appreciated than ever. Have a think about how you can integrate care, sentiment and humanity into your business.

Little touches go a long way. An online chat app on your website, a video call instead of a phone call, an extra note following an online order to connect and explain potential delays or changes in prior-expectations.

Being honest with customers on what’s changed and surprising them with new, thoughtful touches will gain you trust and loyalty which will far surpass the current crisis we find ourselves in.

If you demonstrate to your customers that you’re doing everything in your power to put protecting and serving them ahead of your bottom line and profits they will typically be more forgiving and adjust their expectations accordingly. Communication is key.

Your focus right now should be the human being who is craving comfort and connection, and has new expectations when it comes to customer experience. People want to be seen, heard and understood. Be mindful that your audience can tell the difference between authenticity and self-serving motives. What is your business doing to reach out?

You’ve no doubt spent years cultivating a level of awareness and building your customer base. Now it’s important to be utterly unforgettable. Demonstrate how effectively you stand for your mission and your community.


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