The importance of an SSL Certificate – does your website comply?

In 2018 Google introduced a new requirement for all website holders which was to include an active SSL (Security) Certificate. This helps them validate the authenticity of your website and boosts your ranking as a result.

The good news is that Shell Graphix is able to offer SSL Certificates for all new website developments that opt to use our hosting packages. It’s also a feature available to all existing clients.

Introducing an SSL is a two step process. The first step is to secure your SSL for your website hosting/domain name. The second, and slightly more complex step, is to update your website so traffic funnels through the SSL (https instead of http) instead of the non-secure entry.

We have experience in helping clients setup these connections thereby ensuring they comply to current web standards.

While there is “technically” no real risk for customers browsing a non secure website, if your website is not updated they may see warnings alerting them to the fact it is non-secure. This can add a scare-factor to your website and deter people from staying and browsing. While there is no true risk, they will not be aware of that and may leave as quickly as they arrive.

The other downside on a delay in converting to SSL is that Google will, of course, rank websites featuring this service higher than those who aren’t.

What’s your search engine position worth?

If you need assistance in updating your website, please contact us.


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