Package design and branding that demands attention


With so many supplement brands and ranges on the Australian market we took on the challenge of helping Muscle Stack really stand out. Demanding attention not only captures interest but it keeps people talking. The local gym is a hive of communication and word of mouth spreads like wildfire. Why not giving them something tasty to talk about?!

While the jungle theme works well visually we also wanted to connect the core message to the range and marketing materials. The disclaimer on each product does just that with a statement advising against feeding supplements to those faster, stronger, leaner… and that the range is NOT animal tested for these exact reasons.


Each product line has an animal representing the range in a way that connects on some level to what the product offers. As the range grows so will the mascot range – and it is growing FAST. The Gold Coast based supplement company, Muscle Stack, have hit the ground running thanks to the high quality ingredients used in their range and of course the huge selection of flavours available.

So far we have had the pleasure of lending our creative expertise for the product packaging designs, business cards, website development and marketing materials.

Check out www.musclestack.com.au for more details.



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