Does good design impact business success in Australia?


Design is everywhere – great design is impossible to miss

While the digital world we live in is quickly embracing social media and the ability to reach customers/clients in more frequent and instant ways has never been easier. It’s easy to question where your marketing and design budget should go. So long as you are getting attention and have a cost effective way to get your message across you’re set right?

While attention is great and effective to a certain degree here are a few points to ponder.

Design does matter but not necessarily in the ways you might think.

Good design can create a perception. It can alter a mood. It can build confidence and trust.

You engage it via a business card, an ad, an image promoting a service, a promotional or marketing piece, a website or even a social media experience.

Some are subtle and others are like a sledge hammer to your head.

Everything you do as a company or business should paint a bigger picture, even as you present the most simple form of interaction. There should be purpose and direction behind everything you do. Decide the reaction you want and work backwards. It’s almost too easy to click ‘share’ on a post and send it through a social media feed but how does that reflect back? Does it carry the brand, build on your reputation, if it’s on-shared again are you going to get the credit or is the original creator?

Can anything you present be mistaken for your competitors? Are you doing something unique that allows you to stand ahead of them?

Some follow. Others lead. Can you guess which thrive and enjoy a higher level of success?

Quality content should always go hand in hand with superb design. Are you ready for success in 2014? Have you got a marketing plan, a strong brand across all mediums? A responsive website that adapts to any platform and device?

Now is the time.


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