PGPP program brochure design


CSQTC asked us to design a brochure that showcased the Queensland presence for the PGPP Program which included TMT, QRME and CSQTC.

We took this as a challenge to make Queensland stand out against the other Australian states and created a fold out brochure that was interactive, easy to read and reflected the best of what Queensland trainers and educators had to offer. This was then modified to produce a web friendly PDF brochure that focused on one panel per screen and scrolled through in relative order.

Print setup was based on a 210mm x 210mm square panel design with base, right, left and top flaps folding in to produce a tidy, easy to handle and mail piece. A second print version was produced in A4 fold to A5 size for larger, economic print runs using the same content and layout style.



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