Rise of the increasingly popular eDM communications


While many of our clients have been utilising the power of eDM (electronic direct mail / enews / enewsletters / email newsletters… so many names for the same thing!) for many years it would seem the last 6-12 months has seen a spike in popularity.

It’s no secret that a well formed, timed and delivered eDM is a cost effective way of promotion and one of the easiest ways to gain a reaction with the right prompts.

Recently we had the pleasure of working on a 4-week eDM campaign for a promotion Pacific Magazines ran in conjunction with Woolworths where they gave away one car each week. The aim was to entice previous entrants to purchase more magazines in order to gain additional chances to win each week. We used latest release magazine covers to inspire readers to grab publications they didn’t yet own as well as a prompt to indicate how many cars were left to win.

As part of this brief we pitched the layout design and sequential concepts throughout the four week duration. Our aim was to ensure readers wouldn’t dismiss each eDM as something they had already seen, but instead realise each issue contained something new that required fresh attention, whilst still maintaining a strong branding connection (with Pacific Magazines, Woolworths and the campaign). We also managed and hosted the mail management database and system supplying full click reports back to the client so they could measure the success of their eDM campaign each week.

This campaign had an incredibly high level of response and interaction.


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