Does my website have to be mobile friendly to rank well on Google?

In short – YES.

As of 21 April 2015 Google is to put mobile-friendly websites first in search engine results

This follows the mass increase of mobile users over the past few years and society has reached a point where they need to embrace this move to new technology. As Google release the watch it is proof device screens are only going to become smaller and require no less usability.

Put yourself in the users shoes. Do you want Google to lead you to a website that is hard to read, involves a heap of pinching, zooming and scrolling to even absorb what’s on the website page you’ve just loaded? Do you want the page to take a long time to load up?

We are quickly becoming a society that relies on high level usability, instant answers and reduced patience levels. In order to offer great customer service across the board – your website should also cater to these expectations. Companies and small businesses who do this will continue to flourish – those who don’t will be left behind.

If your website relies on traffic flowing from search engines you must investigate the process to move to a new, mobile friendly website – or update your existing website so it functions on mobile and desktop screens.

Many of our clients have made the move to a mobile-friendly website and their Google rankings speak for themselves (not to mention the great customer feed back they are receiving!).

Test if your website is mobile-friendly here –

If you would like to discuss the process to convert your website to mobile-friendly please contact us on 07 5540 7221 or


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